Saturday, January 24

getting there

Because I seek the deepest joy. Because the deepest beauty is in my heart and melts my mountains to sand and livens my soul with pain.
Because I seek the real thing.
The whole thing
Because I need it and I live for it.
I will stay here right where I am. And do my best.
Because my life right here is a prayer
And with prayer I will get There.

Thursday, January 8


It is a fertile land
it begets ideas and thoughts
it is inhabited by Reality.
and it is a meeting place
where Reality and I look upon each other's face.

the sunlight and the way it falls.
the colour of the light.
the smells.
the texture of the sounds.

The movement and the sounds of the nature growing so freely between the cracks of civilisation.
the seasons there, and the times of the day!

It inspires me into wakefulness
Into perceptiveness
Into relatedness

Attentiveness and perception
Peace and relation are your children.
They are present with you and decorate your home and table like grapes on a grapevine.

You have been a home for ideas
like you are my window into the brightness of Reality.

Oh Athens, strong and alive.
I don't expect my readers will recognise you in how I refer to you,
in how I call your name.
But even from far away. As I call you to mind, you are my window.
And I am glad I have known you.

Reality is now here with me. I know her because I love her.
Reality is ever joyful.
Ever complete.

So if you are in sorrow my friend, do not be fooled.
This isn't it.
There is more.
There is better.

Wednesday, January 7

I realized it myself

I realized it myself.

The amount of nonsense we say, just because we want to draw the other person’s attention
Just because we love them.

So now I cut it short
And I just say I love you.

The life of a Christian

The life of the Christian is about loving the good. Seeking true goodness; desiring it deeply; needing it fully.
Hoping in the good,
Loving it,
Desiring it more than anything else; rather than anything else.
Seeking the peace and joy of goodness, rather than your own benefit

Wanting to know God
Seeking to know God
Becoming able to know God
Becoming more akin to the good yourself
Living a life more filled with grace, kindness, charity and love. Being washed through and through of evil, becoming free to be with the good.
Being disgusted by evil
Wanting to have nothing to do with it
Needing the good
Needing it all the time

The truth is this is who you are.

The life of Orthodoxy is about the struggle to seek the most true knowledge of God. It is about knowing what you seek, and how to approach it, as precisely as possible. It is about wasting as little time as possible on error whole you desperately seek the truth that you need.


Without beauty I need not exist at all
Without beauty I should not exist at all

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen
The most touching thing I have ever seen is the good

That is why I seek you every where I go
That is why I look for you in every place
Your beauty breaks my heart.
I need you more and more
Eternally I need you.

On our own we failed (or, on the same theme)

On our own we failed
We saw the beautiful and we destroyed it
On our own we were so unskilled.

We ripped apart oceans of grace and found a wasteland inside us.

I have been on the path of sorrow
A long and dry path.
But it has brought me from death to joy.
Graceless as I am
Untalented as I am
Unskilled as I am
On the path of sorrow

Through swamps of grief
And over mountains of pain.
I am getting past my dying self
And into a life.

I leave the grace of natural paradise,
And through the bareness of loosing everything
I get to a place where I am not alone.
Perhaps one day, grace will visit me again.

Perhaps one day, the sun will rise and I will lean against the shade of a tree

Though bareness and dryness are yet better than fleeting color.
When I wasn’t willing to give everything up, God took it away from me.
And that is the biggest act of love I ever have seen.