Monday, April 30

My Dear Reader,

My Dear Reader,

I write for those of you who will understand me.
You, across the world, who will know me.

I overcome shame,
and I tell you the truth.

For you, who will know me.

(and I have to do that – to avoid blasphemy. Because others before have done so for me.)

I break my personal space.
I smash my cool persona.
For You,
and for Art.

It is April.
Dance, and music,
and art.
They are in my heart.
In every vain.
Like blood.
And when they are honest they are strong.
I feel the ecstasy of the sun,
The strong light,
I’ll break the ice,
I’ll come through,
I’ll open my heart,
I’ll clean it for you.

I have stood on the shoulders of the virtuous.
Those giants!
I will be virtuous,
For you.

You, who know me,
if you wonder, then know this:
I have stood in daylight
I have tried in every stride.
I clean my heart, to the detail, for you.

I stand in the sun.
Be happy.

Every man who has been honest,
who has loved,
every each one,
they shined.
I have seen them.
I can feel them.
You have seen them too.

Those who have
ears will hear and
those who have eyes will see.
Clean you heart!
Clear your mind.
Be free.
Walk among men, like a man too.
And let your hearts be on high.

(when i left that one)

I am hungry,

what should I learn?
'That I could feed people'

I am lonely, 
what can I give?
'To know that all people need love'

I leave, I leave. this land is barren,
this door is locked, this head is made of stone.
This carcass is dead and
I cannot eat it.
I leave because I am hungry.

I am hungry.
God, give me the courage to love
with my whole heart.
Give me the strength to live
with an open hand.

January 2012

Wednesday, April 11

you and your news

where should I go, where can I hide?
So that I won't know what I know
so that it won't be true

but that's life, hey?

Monday, April 2

I want to fly, I need a man with wings

The amount of joy that I want from a relationship with a man!
The amount of fulfillment!

I want everything.
I am like a beautiful fire, love is like a beautiful fire, I want all the air, I want to burn alive.

A guy who is capable of that; 
who loves me enough; 
who likes me enough; 
who is involved enough, awake enough, alive enough, attentive enough, alive enough, awake enough to give me that; 
to move with me – well, he would want always be with me, to become eternal with me, to dispel time from our relationship. 
He would want to make our relationship eternal, to free it, to liberate it, 
to break it out from the prison – the constraints – of time. 
This you can take for granted.

So if your boyfriend doesn’t want to marry you – then, there is more than one thing wrong.

the past is not the past

I will never be rid of you
You are my love, my pain
You are written in my memory, in the soil of the earth on which I walk
We belong to each other
We affect each other
Let us be careful.

I will turn this sand into joy, this water into wine
I will turn this love into a sunset.

This air, into a dance.

Hey you, I shall never be rid of you

long hot summer

On a long hot summer day, under the sun, in the golden meadow.
In the depth of the forest there are mouyiouthkia
On the beach, amongst the stones.
I still love you.