Tuesday, June 12

Every love wants to be complete

Every man I have loved I have loved him truly.
Love does not end and it is an open wound in my heart.
What you open with love can become a well from which you draw water always.
But if you leave it and you don’t use it is a hole in the ground;
It is an open wound;
It is a pool of blood.

That is why you cannot open so many wounds
You are covered in wounds.
Don’t open more holes than you can tend to.
Don’t approach a man whom you cannot care for.
Do not love a man if you are not going to love him through and through.
Every half-assed love, every failed love,
Is a wound;
And a chain around your neck.

Monday, June 11

I want to answer you, but every time I try, I stop and I cry.

I have sinned against love
I have been unfaithful to a true kind heart
I can never repent enough.
How can I ever deserve the peace of being sorry?
How can I dare to apologize to you lover, whilst I still sin?
What can I say?
I am lost in my shame
In my fakeness.
My heart is cold and dead
My life is a pile of dirt.
For I have sinned against love
My sorrow is endless, my vileness is evident, my prison is small.