Monday, January 28

(if you do not want dog hair on your living room carpet)

To God he is worth £100
I will not steal him, I will not bargain with him,
And I would not buy him for £20
Even if he were willing to sell himself cheap.

God made him like this.
And then He redeemed him with His blood so that he can be.
So that he is free to be.
And God fed him and raised him.

He made him like that, and like this and like this.
So, I could not belittle him, but only let him be. Even help him to be.
And if I love him I will let him grow;
Respect what he is
And pay for him the fullest price.
If he is like a beautiful container that God formed to contain joy, I could not want to leave him half full.

If you do not have a yard for your dog to run in and to bury his bones therein,
don’t get a dog.

If you don’t have a yard but only a porch, get a flower but not a tree.

If you do not care to learn don't become a teacher.

And if you will not love a man and support him to be,
then don’t stand in his way.

I speak of myself

What stupidity it is
and how ungrateful,
to be turned from God.
To turn away from God
To choose anything else, to refuse to Love.
How dirty,
how loathsome,
how poor.
If only we could see our selves,
as we really are.
We would cry.


Things I will never tell that everyone will know

I will love him.
If it is God’s will,
If it will be, we can be married.

But I will love him anyway.
I will love him from now.
In the details of my mind, in the motions of my thoughts, I will prefer the acts of love.
For he is a person.
From this very moment, by default, every choice I will make will be an act of love.

Because I want to be free of vileness.
And I want to be kind.

It does not matter ‘where this will go’.
How would predicting the future effect the facts?
He is a human being.
A child of God.
And I must show him love.

The kindness of his mind, and of his heart
impresses me and teaches me how to be.
The smell of his soul is fresh
And the space of his heart is wide
And the pastures of his mind are green.

I thank you Lord,
I thank you God,
That you have shown me this.

How did I ever live in that distance
In that darkness away from God?
How did I ever survive in that death for so long?

In that death I stayed – though barely – alive
But now more and more each day, I live.

My Lord
My God
I owe you my life
I owe you my being
And my whole heart.

Of course I will love Your persons,
how can I not?